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StarfallPrivacy Policy

At the Starfall Education Foundation we strive to create a safe and playful environment for children. Throughout all of our services — such as our free and member supported websites, apps, and store — we adhere to a strict policy of respecting and protecting the privacy of our users.

Starfall does not collect personal information from children. We do not require children to provide personal information to use and access our services. We encourage teachers and parents to warn children to never enter their name, address, or other personal information on any website.

Personal Information Collection and Use

We ask adult users to provide information about himself or herself when logging in to the member portion of Starfall or when completing a purchase in our store. This information is not shared with any third party or partner and is used only for the narrow purpose for which it was entered.

Technical Information Collection and Use

When you use Starfall on a computer or mobile device, we collect some basic technical information in order to customize your experience as well as improve our services.

Social Media & Advertising

Starfall does not place third party advertisements or links to advertisements on our websites or other services. We strongly believe that children should not be the targets of marketing efforts during their educational experience. Resources for grown-ups, specifically those found on the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center and The Starfall Store, may contain links to social media services, but are kept separate from children's activities and safeguarded behind a parent gate.

Disclosure of Information

Starfall may disclose user information we have retained if we believe it necessary to comply with a legal process, law enforcement investigation, or government request. We may also divulge collected information in response to fraud or technical security issues or in matters of public safety. Any such disclosure will be tailored to disclose only the specifically requested information to the requesting authority.


We may make changes to our privacy policy from time to time. Please feel free to revisit this page for the most up-to-date version.