Dear Educators is a program service of Starfall Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. The website opened as a free public service in 2002 to inspire a love of learning through exploration in a safe, playful environment. We offer free online reading resources and low-cost, high-quality curriculum products. Members enjoy additional mathematics, song, and reading activities. Learn more about Starfall Education Foundation.

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Mathematics & Reading, Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Membership unlocks hundreds of activities on your computer or mobile device. The mathematics, phonics and reading, sing-along songs, and nursery rhymes parallel and enhance our curriculum products. Enjoy lesson plans, customizable worksheets and other resources. Learn More

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Teacher's Membership

An annual Teacher Membership serves a single teacher and up to 6 students in a classroom. It is ideal for small groups or special populations. Use in the media lab is not permitted. This membership is tax-deductible.

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Classroom Membership

An annual Classroom Membership serves a single classroom or a small school where there is only one classroom per grade level. Use in the media lab is permitted for small schools.

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A School Membership is perfect for a typical school campus and may be used on all classroom computers and in the media lab.

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Starfall Curriculum Products

Motivational and engaging for children and teachers!

Written by master teachers and field-tested in classrooms nationwide, Starfall curriculum products guide new and veteran teachers to capitalize on the enthusiasm created by the online activities. Starfall’s standards meet and exceed all state and Common Core standards, ensuring your students are prepared for 1st grade and beyond. Download our Research Bibliography and Kindergarten Common Core Alignment.

Starfall Pre-K

An Integrated Curriculum

Integrates math, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movement, early literacy, and social-emotional development through guided instruction and imaginative play. Learn More

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Starfall Kindergarten

English Language Arts

Research-based, effective, and Common Core aligned, Starfall Kindergarten instills confidence and inspiration in teachers and children. Integrates science and social studies. Learn More

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Starfall Kindergarten

Mathematics Curriculum

Explore early algebraic concepts using numbers, shapes, and measurement tools while connecting mathematics to everyday scenarios and practical problem solving; research-based and standards-aligned. Learn More

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Supplement any reading curriculum with Starfall

Get the most out of our free resources!

Add a spark to your English and Language Arts program by supplementing with free content from Every word within the delightfully animated stories will read aloud when clicked, enabling your students' speaking, reading, and writing vocabulary to grow alongside their curiosity. Free downloadable printouts accompany each section of the site. You will find companion high-quality, low-cost educational products listed alongside each relevant section for your convenience.

Starfall ABCs

Begin with the ABCs

Encourage your student to play and explore by clicking on any letter in any order. Your student will come to recognize the relationship between speech sounds and letter forms. This is the "Alphabetic Principle," the foundation of phonics.

ABCs Online | ABCs App

Starfall Learn to Read

You’re Ready to Learn to Read

Each numbered row features a vowel sound. Students listen to, manipulate, read, and master each vowel by interacting with the associated book and games.

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Starfall Fun to Read

Explore It’s Fun to Read

With a basic understanding of the Alphabetic Principle, your student is ready to expand his or her reading vocabulary and comprehension while exploring a variety of genres and topics: classical music, fine art, poetry, and more!

Fun to Read Online | Fun to Read App

Starfall I'm Reading

No doubt about it, I’m Reading

The plays, folk tales, informational texts, myths, and fables will transition your student from learning to read to reading to learn. These vocabulary-controlled stories ensure meaningful practice reading high-frequency words (also called sight-words).

I'm Reading Online | I'm Reading App

Starfall Free

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If you and your student enjoy the free resources at you are sure to love the expanded collection of songs, mathematics, and reading. Membership unlocks hundreds of additional activities spanning pre-k through 2nd grade. Your tax-deductible membership fee (Home and teacher's) ensures that we can continue to provide Classic Starfall free of charge and offer low-cost, high-quality, educational resources.

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