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Brooke MackThe Starfall Curriculum is a powerful blueprint for education. The lesson plans are fun and adventurous keeping the students engaged. There is no doubt that the Starfall Curriculum leads to academically successful students.

— Brooke Mack
Williamsburg Elementary
Williamsburg, KY

Tonia Holmes-Sutton, Ed.DThe Starfall Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum provides a strong foundation for skill development in language, social-emotional, and cognitive ability. The curricular components of the program ensure that the children are afforded an excellent foundation for kindergarten.

— Tonia Holmes-Sutton, Ed.D
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
Las Vegas, NV

Ready, Set…

Give children a love of learning and a running start in kindergarten with the Starfall Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum. This exciting program integrates math, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movement, early literacy, and social-emotional development, all under a framework of guided instruction and imaginative play. Key curriculum highlights include:

Starfall Pre-K provides research-based lessons and time-saving teacher tools to help you create an integrated learning environment in which young minds thrive. Your adventure begins with The Gingerbread Boy story, which children bring to life with the magic of imagination and play.

Starfall picture cards make preparing your lessons a breeze Learn to guide and enhance children's play